Fashion Trends for 2012 – Greens or scales for next spring ?

The strong comeback of coloured printed fabrics is expected for Spring 2012.

Sailor patterns flowers and even greens, nothing seems impossible. But, beware, the famous black and white so dear to Dior and Chanel are still in the race. And even better ! You will need to choose between a frilled dress from the roaring 20’s by Gucci or baby-doll look from the 60’s by Vuitton.


Flowers and greens versus black and white

We are back to the floral print with the arrival of Spring. But this time, say goodbye to liberty fabrics and welcome maxi patterns.

In Chloe’s collection, these maxi patterns feature on light blouses and bermuda shorts. Meanwhile Yves Saint-Laurent revives the bohemian-hippie trend with printed flowers on pleated skirts and decorative arabesques on long tunic tops.

First flowers, now greens are taking over our clothes. Dolce & Gabbana who delights in surprising us, reveals a full-size kitchen garden. Zucchini, onions, eggplants, hot peppers, here are some of the greens our spring dresses will soon be flaunting. We even will have greens decorating our wrists and ears in the form of miniature gems. Enough to make our mouths water !

The new beachcomber is also the sailor pattern : virtually. Forget the sailor tunic… Givenchy introduces real mermaids in skin-tight dresses made of silvery scales. With Chanel, we dive into an ocean of pearly colors and coral red with beads and sequins appearing like scales and tortoise shells. Then we marvel at the tremendous creations from Versace on which are depicted scenes from the ocean bottoms. Shells and seahorses delicately embroidered mix with printed fabrics of colorful mermaids.

If vivid colors are at stake, nevertheless the classical combination of black and white does not fall into oblivion. Dior banks on sobriety as if they were bereaved by the dismissal of their latest designer. Unsophisticated and elegant, Dior’s collection is ruled by the contrast between black and white: black leather skirt, white cotton and silk jacket to capture the rock’n’roll spirit, or an offwhite and black silk and lace dress to be more stylish.

Chanel also plays on the contrasts created by black and white colors and for Karl Lagerfeld, the star of the show is the nostalgic black and white one piece swimsuit. Highly sophisticated ! One good reason to get rid of your old bikini.


Crazy years or baby doll ?

Next spring, ruffles from the 20’s will rival the baby doll dresses from the 60’s. The competition may be harsh.

As far as the Gucci fashion show is concerned, models are proudly wandering about with knee-length frilled dresses but and boy-cuts. Just slip a bottle of whiskey into your boot and you are into the rebellious-bootlegger’s look. Both Lanvin and Givenchy also reinvent the 20’s by adding a sleeveless suit jacket. Further cultivating a more masculine appearance.

At the same time, the tide is turning for fashion collections. This Spring, the milder weather will go hand in hand with softer colors. The 60’s appearance will be reinterpreted and updated.

Vuitton will be characterized by pastel tones, lace and 60’s knee-high baby doll dresses.

Ralph Lauren takes us even further : hair up in ponytails, with a hairband and cheeks flushed soft pink in doll-like resemblance. A delightful and harmless revert to childhood.

Chloé Buu-Hoï, November 2011
Translation : Sandrine Deméré Parot
Photo Credits : Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent


Yves Saint-Laurent


Dolce & Gabbana

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