ParisLeLuxe, the movie

This is the story of two young women passionate about luxury.

Natasha is a dark-haired city woman of striking natural beauty. She’s very demanding, she likes fine food and luxury jewelry. Staying at a prestigious Parisian hotel, she strolls in shops, looking for the authenticity and the know-how that are so specific to the capital. Mei is a discreet young woman with delicate charm, she likes the way of life and the beauty of Parisian palaces. She can enjoy unpretentious things as well as refined products, from haute couture to luxury leather goods, she admires the fineness of materials and the nobility of products.

One evening, on a Parisian bridge, Natasha and Mei cross paths : two worlds meet. At a glance, they recognize the same passion for luxury in each other.

Paris le Luxe, Luxury news