The 2012 Graf von Faber-Castell pen

For its 2012 pen, Graf von Faber-Castell has combined oak and gold so as to associate eternity and happiness. A production limited to 1500 pieces.

The gold leaf embraces the veining of of the body’s pen made of fossil oak (stemming from marshes and swamps). Each golden leaf has been deposited by hand using a soft grey-fured brush. This 4 000 year old technique was used by Egyptians. Only very few craftsmen still master this technique. One of them is the marble artisan and church painter, Ernt D. Feldmann, native from Haut-Palatinat, who has dedicated his work to the studies of the old venitian gilding techniques.

The golden bicolor 18-carat feather assembled by hand is available in several line width: thin, medium and large. The tip is crowned by a faceted citrine.

Each signed numbered piece/copy, for the sum of 3 500 euros, is presented in a black wooden case. A certificate, handsigned by E.D Feldmann, certifies the authenticity of the 24-carat golden plating on a 1 700 year-old fossil oak.

In Paris, this «year 2012» pen is, among other places, available at the BHV, 52, rue de Rivoli, 4th arrondissement, and at Point Plume, 21 rue Quentin Bauchart, 8th arrondissement.

Nathalia Bienvenu-Kapferer, June 2012
Translation : Gautier Delavaud
Photos credit : Graf von Faber Castell

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The 2012 Graf von Faber-Castell pen The 2012 Graf von Faber-Castell pen The 2012 Graf von Faber-Castell pen The 2012 Graf von Faber-Castell pen