The leather and print handbag Pliage® by Longchamp

Le Pliage®, the Longchamp « iconic » bendable handbag, is now available in leather. Since Spring, the brand has also launched a creative line signed by Mary Katrantzou.

Longchamp is showing its pride of seeing the actor Josh Duhamel travels with its new handbag Le Pliage® Cuir in taupe. The same goes for Rooney Mara, since her new movie’s shooting “Bitter Pill” in New York.

Le Pliage®, whose design draws its inspiration from the Japanese art of Origami, has been sold to more than 13 million models in its cloth version since 1993.

For the leather version, Longchamp has improved a union soft leather, which folds as well as the famous nylon canvas. Equally practical, Le Pliage®Cuir looks like the original design with the embossed flap of the brand’s racehorse, the robust double handle and the emblematic pullback of the zipper.

“For its early ages, Le Pliage®Cuir comes out with a handy removable shoulder strap, and a print lining of a jolly vintage pattern, while the shiny nickel clasps contribute to create a voluntarily actual and urban style”, as the brand explains it.

The new bags have their own color’s range, from the universal black, navy, taupe to the bright orange, turquoise, cyclamen and red. They are available in 5 sizes: a kit bag, two shopping bags, one tote bag and one clutch bag.

When East meets West

The print version of Mary Katrantzou is made up of orchids and lanterns floating like balloons against a backdrop of blue sky.

«What I love about Le Pliage®, beyond the fact that it is so simple and so practical, is that it provides the perfect canvas for a print designer » notices the Greek-born, London based designer. She has been discovered when her dazzling digital prints opened the Central Saint Martins graduate show in 2008.

The “Mary Katrantzou for Longchamp” line is also divided into two tote bags. The designer has revealed her interpretation of the theme “When East meets West”, drawing on an array of references, from Asian temples and flower parades, through dragons and lanterns, to the architecture of Carnegie Hall.“The larger tote places at its centre the sculptural staircase designed by Thomas.

Heatherwick for Longchamp’s La Maison Unique store in New York. The sinuous steps are extennded into trompe-l’oeil straps, which themselves are prolonged by the leather handles of the bag. The staircase, chosen by Mary Katrantzou as a symbol of modern, Westernized architecture, is imagined as if in an aquarium and surrounded by a profusion of Eastern images”, comments Longchamp. For the second, smaller tote, Mary Katrantzou took as her starting point a temple adorned with lanterns and flowers, creating a fresh and airy motif. Brown calfskin handles and brushed gold hardware echo the bags’ trompe-l’oeil detailing.

Founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, la Maison Longchamp is still owned and run by the Cassegrain family. The supply of the brand has been diversified a lot throughout the years, from journey’s equipment to accessories and purses. The brand is present in the entire world through more than 236 boutiques and a total of 1 800 multi-brand stores in about a hundred countries.

Nathalia Bienvenu-Kapferer, Juin 2012
Translation : Julia Champagnac,
Photo credits : Longchamp

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The leather and print handbag Pliage® by Longchamp The leather and print handbag Pliage® by Longchamp The leather and print handbag Pliage® by Longchamp The leather and print handbag Pliage® by Longchamp