The luxury computer, by Cottin

What if the computer was also an art object ? Keen on technology and beautiful objects, the French Cottin launches the exceptional computer.

Each model is unique, embellished with nobles materials, up to the inlaying of precious stones in some Parisians workshops.

The “413”

Cottin does not only offer the covering but also fabricates computers, item by item.

His “flagship”: the “413” mm, a house laptop with big screen “full HD”, glazing almost as thin and transparent as a microscope, metal keyboard. It also enjoys a high sound intensity, elaborated with a violinist, with its four audio amplifiers and its six loudspeakers.

“Result of several years of research and development, and a work with Intel’s teams, the “413” is based on components of the military world and aerospace engineering”, comments François Cottin, the founder. “We produce it in small quantities. And guarantee an annual revision to our customers, to replace or add new components”, he adds. With its covering, the “413” is valued between 10000 and 25000 Euros.

A new gem of the jeweller’s trade

The models are customized according to the customer’s desires with precious materials: metals, leathers, rare woods, enamels, mother-of-pearl but also cameos and precious stones.

Indeed, Cottin is joining the fine jewelry by using sapphire, topaz and even diamond. For their part, the leathers, the exotics skins come from luxury leather shop such as Hermès.

The works of marquetry, goldsmith’s art and jewelry are realized by Parisians master craftsman. Cottin mentions one hundred manual operations for each outside piece, polished, brushed or satin.

The iPad reconsidered

The iPad’s owners could enhance it too (for 1290 Euros). In order to keep its thinness and lightness, Cottin gives it a “jewelry” finishing, by inlaying a marquetry or goldsmith’s art apple and by inserting thins leather’s strips.

Its case could be in antique silver, black nickel, in pale gold or 24 carats. The back or the cover in young bull leather, ostrich or alligator.

Finally, Cottin does not neglect USB keys, elaborated in goldsmith’s workshop (240 Euros). Later, will come an offer of computer’s case…

Nathalia Bienvenu-Kapferer, Mai 2012
Translation : Julia Champagnac
Photo Credits : Cottin

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The luxury computer, by Cottin The luxury computer, by Cottin The luxury computer, by Cottin The luxury computer, by Cottin The luxury computer, by Cottin The luxury computer, by Cottin