The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world

How can luxury brands improve their image in competition with many websites which sell discounted products, or even counterfeit products ? How can luxury brands use the Internet as a means to disseminate information without damaging their reputation ?

Five years ago, luxury brands owners still doubted about e-business models. Today, most of those brands have found the answers to those questions. In order to enhance the pleasant, memorable and impactful customer experience, luxury retails will evolve in 6 key areas: virtual immersive platform, storytelling and entertainment, social tools, web channel, interactive shopping, and personalisation.

It is what emerges from the annual Club E-Luxe International Summit which has taken place in June in the Ritz Hotel. A club created in 2006 by Luxe Corp, which congregates the leaders of the world’s famous luxury brands to share their vision and offer immersive digital and innovation consulting sessions.

The presentations and demos praise luxury companies with access to the most advanced strategies of digital technology. Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Gucci have paved the way.

Nowadays, customers have moved from consuming products to consuming “things”. Thus, the new era of luxury e-commerce is challenging. Brands have to adopt innovative technologies in order to connect emotionally with their clients through interactive media content, storytelling, social media interactions.

Unseen technologies

Inspired by video games, the global agency Novacom has launched the revolutionary “Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum”. It is the first luxury 3D virtual space in real time. Visitors can view, over 300 Valentino’s most iconic dresses, 5000 pictures of dress, photos and drawings, and nearly 100 videos. By simply clicking, they have access to Valentino’s history and numerous awards.

In museums, exhibits and retail stores, how can a loudspeaker deliver a voice to someone without creating noise for others? Thanks to Audio Spotlight®, a directional technology developed by Holosonic’s, a loudspeaker which gives a maximum sound isolation. Bvlgari and Louis Vuitton already use the technology in their retail locations to deliver a private and intimate sonic environment in a shared place.

Animatik Studio has demonstrated the 3D video projection technology, by directing a spectacular virtual hologram. It seems as if we have seen real persons who talk, sing and dance. This technology has a great potential in luxury, automobile, fashion and cosmetics industries, as well as the advertising and communication areas.

Thirdsight has developed softwares to analyse people’s behaviour and emotions by webcam. It helps advertisers to deliver commercials that better fit human characteristics such as gender, age and emotion. The software conducts a real-time analysis of people’s faces, and shows on screen a cosmetics commercial to young female audience, a shaving cream commercial to male adult, or a toy commercial to kids, for instance.

The wireless speakers upmarket by Parrot have not only revolutionized design, but have also made a breakthrough in technologies. Users can get wireless access with their MP3 player, smart phone and computer.

Online shopping has moved to a new era of social media interactions in Luxury world. Aurasma technology is capable of recognizing pictures taken by Smart phones and leading the readers to get related information. It opens new opportunities thanks to the mobile marketing mix. For example, you can take a picture of Barack Obama from a newspaper, and the software will bring you all the information related to the US president. Next widgets offer e-commerce functionality embedded in any form. For example, with shop in mail, customers can directly click on links in e-mail newsletters to access shopping website. Next promote enhances the Facebook marketing experience by providing the advertisements corresponding to the user and his friend’s age, gender and hobbies which are registered in the database of Facebook.

Dian Luc, Juin 2012
Photo credits : Luxe Corp (©Xavier Granet) and ParisLeLuxe 

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The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world The New E-Business Concepts of Luxury world