The new face of the american beauty

Feminity is back at the Beyond Beauty Paris 2011 event. Among the Beauty trends in the United States, multiethnic products are in the forefront.

In the manner of fashion industry, Beauty has a Parisian show, the Beauty Week, held in September 2011. During a week, professionals of the cosmetic industry are attending conferences where fashion designers and fashion agencies reveal the coming expectancies of the customer, in premiere.

The omnipresence of ethnic minorities and the election of an Afro-American President have an influence on the representation of the American Beauty. The survey agency, Ipsos, revealed in a study about the coming trends that, in the next 30 to 40 years, minorities in the United States will become the majority.

The cliché of a blond girl with blue eyes and white skin is outdated. Today, American Beauty is portrayed by exotic type women and cosmetic industry is following the trend by offering new products for face, hair and body. The vocabulary has changed; we talk about “multi beauty skin”, “ethnic skin care” and “even skin tone”. Hair polishing is fashionable and different colors are created for full lips.


Pure feminity

Feminity is coming back and is visible on lips color and nail polish. Some women are looking for the sophisticated beauty of Hollywood icons. The eyes are perfectly designed; pink and leopard style are trendy.


From eternal youth to maturity

But feminity doesn’t mean “looking young”, today women are aging gracefully. Top models are not chasing after Botox® injection anymore and the best paid models are over 30. Julia Roberts insists on making the age signs apparent on her face, especially to look “real” in the eyes of her children.


Take-away cosmetics

American women carry at least 5 beauty products in their handbags. They decided not to organize themselves according to the effectiveness of their products but to have cosmetics that match their lifestyle. More and more nomadic, women are seeking for easy-to-use cosmetics. So the industry developed instantly efficient products such as beauty patch, face wipes, lip balm and nail polish that dry quickly (for example, L’Oréal Jet-Set Quick Dry Nail). And for an optimal storage, professionals of the cosmetic industry are breaking the packaging codes by designing flat lip sticks and products that can pile up.

Nathalia Bienvenu-Kapferer, September 2011
Translation : Laura Axel
Photo Credits : Beyond Beauy Paris

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The new face of the american beauty The new face of the american beauty The new face of the american beauty The new face of the american beauty The new face of the american beauty The new face of the american beauty